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Miss Earth beauty pageant is one contest where preservation of the environment is the foremost aim of the contest. Read on to know the organization behind Miss Earth beauty pageant.


While most of the beauty pageant is about the splendor, magnificence and intellect of a woman, there comes one with a difference. The motto here is the preservation of the environment. Envisioned by Carousel Productions, the contest revamps the concept of beauty competitions. After organizing a number of beauty pageants in the world, it reinvented the vision for fashion shows. Miss Earth beauty pageant was organized and launched by Carousel Productions in 2001. The basic idea or the concept of it was to enthusiastically encourage the conservation of the environment.

The winners of the pageant are expected to work on environmental causes locally, nationally as well as internationally. They are also likely to involve themselves in all the international environmental projects. The delegates also take part in tree planting ceremonies, environmental and cultural immersion programs, sponsor visits and tours. In 2003, Carousel Productions gave a slogan to the contest, 'Beauties For A Cause' and in 2004 they went a step further by creating Miss Earth Foundation to further the pageant's environmental cause.

The winning beauty is the spokesperson for the Miss Earth Foundation, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and other environmental organizations. The pageant has grown in stature and in popularity over the years as more and more countries are participating in the contest. Apart from being on the international forum, the Miss Earth concept has also started nationally with more and more countries adopting it. The campaign, started by Carousel Productions, focuses in educating the youth in environmental awareness. Its main project 'I Love Planet Earth' and its pledge 'I Will Heal the Earth' remind every individual on eco-responsibility.

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