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Miss Earth
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Find out here about history of Miss Earth. Know how Miss Earth evolved since its inception in 2001 as a pageant with a noble cause.

Miss Earth History

Inaugural Miss Earth beauty pageant was organized in 2001 by Carousel Productions at Quezon City, Philippines. The event was attended by 42 candidates. The motive behind the event was to actively promote environment preservation. All contestants in the first Miss Earth pageant were involved with environmental causes. The winner and runner-ups were expected to promote international environmental projects. The beauties were roped in for a good cause. During the pageant's broadcast, promotion of environmental projects was taken care of. Thus, the event played a commendable role in the preservation of environment.

Stress on Environment Preservation
All contestants in the Miss Earth regular took part in environment promotion activities like environmental and cultural immersion programs and tree planting. The organizers sponsored visits for the purpose. During these tours, the beauties stress on the need of preservation of environment.

Miss Earth Foundation
Slogans were coined to boost the motive. Miss Earth adopted the slogan 'Beauties for a Cause' in 2003. To take forward the pageant's environmental cause, the Miss Earth Foundation was set up in 2004. It was the theme of Miss Earth which made it distinct from other beauty pageants like Miss World and Miss Universe.

Uniform Growth
Thanks to its unique ways, popularity of the Miss Earth pageant grew rapidly. Number of participating countries increased every year. And the growth was even in all continents. This made the success of Miss Earth noteworthy. It did not belong to any particular region or continent. It was popular and participated by the whole world.

Return to Philippines
When Chile was unable to meet the requirements of hosting the event in 2006, it was moved back to the Philippines. The happenings in the pageant are telecasted nationally and internationally via several channels.

Winner as Spokesperson
Winner of the Miss Earth contest becomes the spokesperson for the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and Miss Earth Foundation.

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