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The Miss Universe 2008 is the most coveted beauty pageant of the year. The event will witness beauties from across the world vying for the crown. Know all about the 57th Miss Universe beauty pageant here.

Miss Universe 2008

Dayana Mendoza
The 57th Miss Universe beauty pageant is all set to take place in Nha Trang City of Vietnamese central Khanh Hoa Province on July 14, 2008. The most eagerly awaited beauty pageant of the year will witness beauties from across the globe participating in the coveted event. Over 80 beauties have already made the city their second home from June 15 onwards, grooming themselves to lay their hands on the prestigious crown. The beauties at the Miss Universe beauty pageant get a platform to share not only the culture they belong to but also their talent, beauty, values and intelligence.

For past 50 years, young ladies from diverse cultural, social, political and economic backgrounds have shown what it takes to be the most beautiful, charming and intelligent woman of the Universe. These young ladies are great cultural ambassadors of their country, making their country proud by revealing the true values and culture they are bred into from their birth. At the contest, judges from diverse fields decide which young woman has the right combination of beauty with brains. The event showcases not just glamour but also right minded individuals, who are well-read, aware and have the passion to make something out of their lives.

Like all previous Miss Universe contests, Miss Universes 2008 too will have not just the coveted crown to win but a host of special awards as well. The Miss Universe event will witness the judges and online voters adjudging Miss Congeniality, Miss Photogenic and also Best National Costume winner. This year amongst the ten contestants, who were the finalists for National costume award, Miss India Universe Simran Kaur won the award. Though the Miss Universe Crown will be just one, the top five beauties of the Universe will be decided at the event. On July 14, 2008 apart from the Miss Universe 2008, we will get to know about the four runners-up as well. This year, as the event will be hosted in Vietnam, it will be a great opportunity for the pageant contestants from across the globe to not only share their cultures but also know a lot about the people and lifestyles of the people of this South East Asian nation. One will now have to however wait till July 14, 2008 to find out that who will be the winner of the most coveted beauty pageant of the year and will be the perfect match of both beauty and the brains. To know about the verdict of the event keep on watching this place.

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