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Know here about the history and origin of Miss World, the most prestigious beauty event across the globe. The event has been held continuously since 1951.

Miss World History

Miss World Pageant was first held in 1951 in Lyceum Ballroom of London by Eric Morley as the Festival Bikini Contest. However, it adopted the name Miss World later. Even today the event remains under the control of the family. It is a fine amalgamation of glamour and charitable activities.

Miss World was originally planned as a one-off event. However, when Morley learnt about the upcoming Miss Universe pageant, he made it an annual event. The motive behind the event was to cash the popular swim wear of the time and hence it was named Festival Bikni. It was called Miss World by the press and it was later adopted by the organizers.

After the first contest, the bikinis were replaced by swim wear. With the advent of television, the popularity of the pageant grew constantly. The BBC began broadcasting the competition in 1959 while Channel 5 aired it in 1998. The organizers decided to reposition the pageant with the slogan Beauty With a Purpose in the 1980s to keep the event in sync with the times. The tests of intelligence and personality were added. The objective was to make the event politically correct.

In 21st century the event saw its first black African winner, Agbani Darego, in 2001. Miss World came with a new marketing strategy and it was successful too. The organizers introduced You Decide television special, featuring the delegates behind the scenes and on the beach. Viewers could now either phone in or vote online for their favorite contestants.

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