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Zhang Zilin of China is the winner of Miss World 2007 title. She began her career in pageantry in 2003 and eventually won the Miss World title.

Zhang Zilin

Zhang Zilin
Zhang Zilin, representing People's Republic of China, is the title holder of Miss World 2007. This six feet beauty enjoys traveling, reading, and sports. She is fond of listening to folk music and her favorite foods are ice cream, chocolate, and fruit. Her motto is "Where there is a will there is a way".

Brief Biography
Zhang Zilin was born on 22 March, 1984 in Shi Jia Zhaung City in Hebei province of China. Born in an academically oriented family, she was always a brilliant student. After her early studies in her hometown, she moved to the Chinese capital, Beijing, where she completed her high school from 1996 to 2002. Thereafter she studied at the University of Science and Technology in Beijing and obtained a degree in business administration.

Zilin showed her talent both as a student and an athlete from tender age. She is an expert in the Triple Jump and Hurdles and has undergone professional training in the 100 meter Hurdles. As an undergraduate, she won several athletic competitions.

Zhang Zilin is now working as a fashion model.

Modelling Career
Zhang began her career in modeling and pageantry in 2003 when she took part in a beauty pageant held by New Silk Road Modeling Agency. Despite lack of experience, she managed to make a place for herself in top ten. Lee Xiao Bai, a top executive of the company, recognized here talent and declared that Zhang had the potential to make it to the top. Thereafter Zhang graced several fashion events. She regularly participated in fashion contests in Europe and the United States. She reached the zenith when she bagged the title of Miss World in 2007.

Zhang played a role during the 2008 Summer Olympics. She lent her voice to the soundtrack of the event and also appeared in the music video titled Beijing Welcomes You.

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