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Miss Universe
Beauty Pageants

Miss Universe Organization owns and runs Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA beauty contests, presently.


The Miss Universe competition is in 57th year and still making history. The ‘Miss Universe Organization’ is the organization that holds the Miss Universe pageant every year. This organization concurrently holds Miss USA and Miss Teen USA beauty contests, besides the Miss Universe pageant. The New York based organization is jointly held by NBC Universal and Donald Trump. Paul Shugart currently holds the position of the president of the organization. Other than New York, the organization has another office at Los Angeles.

Miss Universe Organization also has a huge network of representatives the world over. Also, the organization produces landmark annual television events, which are representative of hard work of dedicated people working for the organization. Just as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is known for the annual live television event - The Academy Awards, Miss Universe Organization is most recognized for its live TV specials. Those popular events, however, are just the beginning.

With Miss Universe pageant, the organization aims to change the way the world perceives women. The selection procedure for the pageant is simple. Countries send their participants to take part in the pageant. These candidates come to the competition and participate in difficult rounds of personality and beauty tests. Thereafter, top three participants of the pageant are selected by a team of esteemed judges. The one who retains the topmost position is given the title of Miss Universe, while the other two become 1st and 2nd Runners Up.

The journey of Miss Universe pageant, since its inception and till date, has not been smooth and without any protests. In fact, some countries do not allow their participants to come in the contest, since their cultural setups deem it as immoral. There has not been consistency in participating countries. Only USA, Canada, France, and Germany have been participating in it since its beginning. Miss Universe Organization prohibits bellow 18 candidates and also, transsexual applicants are not allowed.

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